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Yachiru - just loverly
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A minor task list

Bleach - Bump the HEad
So!  A return to Livejournal warrants an update!  Well, you’re not getting one tonight..  You might get a bit of one, but I’m not meaning to dump my problems just yet since I’m on an upswing in the mood area, and I don’t want to focus on things that are pestering me.
Instead you shall all know that I’ve, obviously, been hitting some downswings which have resulted in some horrible times.  But the buck stops here!  At me!  Cause I’m the buck in this house, and I refuse to go along with my female chemical imbalances!
A routine is what I need; a routine and motivation.  So I’ve decided on a simple task of regular nightly chores and only then fandom.  You will not Believe the amount of laundry I have needing to be rewashed and folded in my room!  So, little bites here and there.  I shall make a list that I intend to keep to.  You may continue and read my list if you want.  I’ll keep you updated on my progress.
Last night: Laundry, Dishes and Trash
Tonight: Laundry, Dishes and Catboxes
Thursday: Laundry, Kitchen counters, My bathroom
Friday: free night cause I’m gonna watch Supernatural and keep my kids out altogether too late at my boss/friend’s house.
Saturday: I’m going shopping that day, and maybe I shall also rest, we shall see.  I’m sure there will be laundry to do. And TV room surfaces that need to be cleared off. Oh, and homework.  Ugh.
Sunday: Laundry, Carpet shampoo TV room!  And Mending in the evening.  I’ve got a few shirts I’d like to wear again.
Monday: Laundry, my bedroom, top of the fridge
Tuesday: Laundry, my bedroom, TV box in hallway
I’ll just leave it there.  That gives me plenty of chores that I can do bit by bit in the evenings.  Eventually I hope to add a regular short workout in there.  Maybe I shall start a task list as a sticky post on my LJ so that I can come back to it and you can reply in awe at how awesome I am, and how I get things done finally after three months.  I might just, to help me keep track even if you don’t tell me how awesome I am on it.
hugs and loves to you all.

Nov. 8th, 2011

Naruto - bored Sasukitty
I think I may have realized something tonight.  I stopped coming aorund LJ so very often, and many things in my life went kaput.  Maybe I should blame this on Facebook?  But now that I am kaputing on FB and it's ever so addicting games, I am turning back to what I know and love and wondering.. will this help?

*begs on her knees*  I'm sorry, I love you... I never really left you, but was just wandering for a time.

It was all darkauroran's fault.. she pulled me into other fandoms, other fics, other addictions!  Now I read Supernatural and Sherlock!  I was reading Merlin and Inception, too!  And now... now I just want somehting familiar and warm that I can browse late into the night on.

Livejournal, friends, romans... I have returned.


Yachiru - just loverly
Two and a half more weeks till being done with the semester.  I will fail one class and pass two, one of them by the skin of my teeth.  At that time, I am hopign to actually have more of a presence/life.  This 7-8 ending time Mon thru Fri, be it work or school, is killer!  I see my kids, they go to bed, and then I'm too effin tired on the weekends to do anything other than tell Anna to grab a banana instead of cooking breakfast.

But, we're all healthy and happy and getting through things.  Ane we're trying to go to the curcus in early May!

Loves to all my friends here...

Mar. 7th, 2011

Yachiru - just loverly
will the world fail if i say i kinda like algebra?

Stolen straight from Darkauroran

Yachiru - just loverly
My Journal is generally a place of light hearted comedy and fun topics. However, my real life revolves around the protection and conservation of the Environment, and educating people on causes that must be brought to light no matter how gruesome or inconvenient. I do it because I believe that a single person CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

The environment is darkauroran 's profession, her passion, and it is also her religion.

The following is a topic that is very dear to my heart even as it breaks it. I was so surprised this morning to open my DeviantART account and find that one of the artists that I respect and follow also feels the same way and is taking steps to educate people about this cruel atrocity. I am reblogging her message and I ask that if this topic leaves you feeling as horrified and sad as it does me you will pass the message on as well. If we reach even one person, if we change even one mind, then it is a victory. Copy and paste this into your journal, link to mine, or link to the artist! It doesn't matter, let's just get the message out there because we can make a difference.

Crimson Irony by `yuumei on deviantART

:star: The ironic truth:
Ever since the movie, Jaws, people have had an irrational fear of sharks. The ironic truth is that humans are the ones killing off all the sharks. You’re more likely to die from lightning strikes or falling coconuts than sharks. There are only around 60 shark attacks per year, and only around 4 of those attacks are fatal. The shark attacks are usually accidents in which the shark mistakes a surfer for a seal. However, over 104,000,000 sharks are killed by humans every year.

Around 78 million of the 104 million dead sharks are killed only for their fins to be put into shark fin soup. The soup is a popular dish in Asian countries, and falsely believed to have health benefits such as sex life enhancement. Shark finning is the cruel act of cutting off the shark’s fins while it is still alive, then the still living shark is wastefully thrown back into the ocean to die a slow and painful death. Can you imagine the agony of someone chopping off your arms and legs and leaving you to bleed to death just so they can have a make believe better sex life?

The irony of the situation is that due to all the pollution we dump into the ocean, the sharks and other apex predators like dolphins and whales have accumulated a dangerous level of toxins such as mercury (this process called biomagnication is not as bad with fish on the lower food chain so we can still eat those). Eating animals like sharks can cause mercury poisoning, which will not only cause nerve damage and eventual retardation, but also decrease your sexual performance.

:star: Why it matters to YOU:
Sharks are an important part of our ecosystem. They have been around for 430 million years, and that time, all of the ocean’s life have evolved around sharks. If sharks go extinct, the fragile balance of the ocean will be thrown into chaos. Without sharks to eat fish on the lower food chain, those fish will breed out of control and eat all the plankton that’s needed to produce oxygen.

Unlike some fish that lays thousands of eggs every year, sharks only produce 2-20 pups per year. If we catch them at the same rate as other fish we eat, they will go extinct. What worse is that people don’t even eat the shark itself, just the fins because they believe it will help their sex life.

:star: How you can help:
Shark finning is technically banned in many countries, but there is no real effort to stop the illegal trade of shark fins. However, just by simply spreading awareness about the toxic truth behind shark fin soup, we can help bring down the demand for shark fins which will ultimately break down the illegal trade. If people are educated about the fact that shark fin soup doesn’t actually make them better at sex, and that it can actually poison them, then they will no long want to buy it.

A simple way to spread awareness is to post this picture on your own dA, blog, or website along with the info above. You have my (Yuumei) full permission repost this drawing anywhere you want. Also tweet and facebook it to all your friends and family. The more people who know, the more difference we can make!

a new year?

Yachiru - just loverly
okies, so trying this posting by phone thing... unfortunately very limited but hey, its easier than using the browser.

gah.. i am a horrible horrible person who let her daughter destroy her scanner before she was done scanning christmas things in. and now that it's sorta working again i am doing other things... but at least i am well!

All three of us are officially NOT SICK! i am pleased as punch to actually have some energy back and be able to do my dishes. Maybe I'll even cook dinner tonight!

I'm hoping you all had a great new year holiday. I polished off a bottle of champagne all by myself while watching 2012 with my sister and her husband. it was a good it of awesome. Then we stayed up talking until 4. It was much better than I thought it would be.


TRC - Beatings will Continue
Stomach Flu for christmas, thank you my daughter, thank you..

Kenny is asleep in the floor, 2012 is in the bluray, I have a tall cup of cold water and a package of saltines... This is my Merry Christmas Eve.  We've already cancelled our family christmas scheduled for Sunday until next weekend.  I'm gonna watch Day After Tomorrow after this.  Now I wish I hadn't returned Inception XD  but it was horribly late... What other disaster movies do I have.

I hope all of you, new friends and old, have a wonderful and merry christmas without any hints of sickness or contagion.  

And Welcome to all my new friends!  welcome welcome all you KakaIru crazies XD


Yachiru - just loverly
I am considering dressing my wheelchair bound son up as a marathon runner for Halloween.  Am I going to hell for that?  Y/N?

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